"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to His purpose"

Romans 8:28

March 21, 2007

Happy Spring... Finally!

Dear Diary,

Here we meet again...

Colin and I had a mini-weekend break on the west coast of Ireland in a city called Galway which is famed to be the most beautiful city in Ireland. It was a lovely city and surrounding area and it is nicer than Belfast and Dublin...

A piece of real estate we fancied just outside of Galway

The weather was lousy. It rained everyday and late Sunday afternoon there were gale force winds which continued until Monday morning. We were getting cabin fever just being in our hotel room so we decided to drive home a day early. Colin was especially happy as he could now have his own pillow! Between the wind pounding the windows and an uncomfortable pillow, the poor boy didn't sleep much...

However, before we left Galway, we did enjoy a lovely Italian dinner in the heart of the city with a nice bottle of vino blanca followed by a stroll around the city on the cobblestone streets (it was dry at this point!!).

The next day we walked along the beach and board walk and then continued with a drive into the countryside.

The countryside was unbelievable, it was completely full of rocks, CRATERS! There was very little vegetation and even more strangely, very few sheep since there is almost next to none pasture land.

Originally, we had planned to stay an extra day but we came home a day earlier than planned and it was just great being at home and not doing too much. Colin spoiled me rotten and made me a lovely birthday cake.

Other than that, not much new with us. We are slowly getting more painting done around the house. This weekend coming up Colin has to cook for a church youth weekend so he will be away Saturday and most of Sunday. I promised him I would paint the dining room and time permitting, start with the kitchen. We are also eager to get out in the back yard but it's been wet the last week or so making it difficult to do anything. There is a steep slope Colin is working on terracing and we hope to make a small vegetable garden and plant wild flowers along the fence line. There are plans to erect a fence and then hopefully the shed. Colin cannot wait to get his shed!!!! Once we get a shed, I can get a bike so I'll be happy too...

A taste of Irish humour:
MacAndrews was visiting his Irish cousin, O'Bannon. While there he decided to do a bit of fishing. As he sat there on afternoon, his cousin walked by.
"What are ye doing?" asked O'Bannon.
"Fishin'," said MacAndrews.
"Caught anything?"
"Ach, nae a bite,"
"What are ye usin' fer bait?"
Worms""Let me see it," said O'Bannon.
MacAndrews lifted the line from the water and handed it to his cousin. O'Bannon took out his flask of potcheen (alcoholic drink) and dipped the worm in it. He handed it back to MacAndrews, who cast his line once more.
As soon as the worm hit the water, his rod bent over double, the line screaming out.
"Have ye got a bite?" asked O'Bannon.
"No!" shouted MacAndrews, fighting with the rod,
The worm's got a salmon by the throat!"
ha,ha and another one...

Two Irishmen were walking down a road when a truck full of grass turf went by."
Do you know, Shamus, if I ever become rich thats what I'll have done - send my lawn away to be cut."

Dear Diary, Colin and I hope all is well with you...

'Til next time,
Love Colin and Heather