"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to His purpose"

Romans 8:28

October 24, 2007

Just an update

Dear Diary,

Well, people have been asking about an update to Colin's trip to Denver. He was very pleased and the possibility of us moving to the US is looking more and more likely but still nothing has been confirmed.
While at the trade show, amongst other interested taxi companys (even some in Canada) there was an interested firm of taxi's in Manhattan wanting approx. 620 dataheads to be integrated with their current software. Also, one of the largest taxi firms in Denver (approx. 500 cars) is interested in Autocab and want to come to Manchester to try and seal a deal. Emails have gone out and phone calls have been made to the US but we are still waiting to hear if and when the Americans are coming. God is testing my patience but we are still optimistic!
As for the pregnancy, all is well. In the last post I mentioned that I had to have a heart ultrasound, well, I went and there is nothing to be concerned about for which we are relieved. As for the blood situation, Colin has gone for his blood test this morning but it'll probably only to confirm his blood type as the mid-wife mentioned that I will more than likely still get the injection at 28 weeks. I guess it's a good thing I'm not sqeemish about needles!
I'm really thinking about what else I can mention here and nothing comes to mind so I guess that's it.
Hope all is well wherever you are and we love to hear from anyone and everyone at anytime!
Colin, Heather and baby Black

October 9, 2007

Look at me now!

Dear Diary,

A week ago Colin and I attended at the hospital for my 20-week ultrasound scan. It's still amazing to see and we're very pleased to report that the baby is growing and developing well. Both of us could've looked at her forever! In addition, I wanted to know the gender of the baby and we think we're having a girl but obviously not 100% sure until the day arrives.

The first scan is her side profile and she has her knees pulled up and the second scan is her looking right at us! She was sucking her thumb (just like her daddy did!) and she even took a drink for us to watch. She was moving really well and quickly but I haven't felt her yet as the placenta is lying in the front of me - I assume I'll have to wait a few more weeks until she gets a bit bigger and stronger.

As for me, I'm OK but still tired which has become a completely normal way of life for me. I have a heart murmur and my OB is sending me for an EKG on Thursday to make sure it's not more serious. In addition, they seem to think there is something strange with my heartbeat and want the cardiologist to check it out to prevent any complications that may develop during the pregnancy or in labour. Another small snag is the fact that my blood type is O RH negative. Unfortunately, Colin has no idea what his blood type is so he has to get tested once he is back from Denver next week. It is more than likely he is Rh positive and I'll need a couple of injections to prevent future complications, if any, that could appear but it's not something that can't be treated.

Anyways, just to let everyone know, we are all well. Colin is in Denver, Colorado at a trade show this week trying to develop some business and contacts in the US. It starts tomorrow and he is anxious to get started but I know he will do well - all his customers love him over here and if we do move over, they'll be missing him! He enjoys the challenge of this project but is looking forward to coming home this weekend.

Hope all is well,

With Christian greetings,

Heather, Colin and Baby Black