"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to His purpose"

Romans 8:28

February 29, 2008

Oma Vandenberg has arrived.

Dear Diary,

Oma arrived safely this morning at 10am and already has taken over feeding.

She spent a good hour unloading so many gifts of clothes and things from her suitcase. We are so thankful for them all and would just like to say a big THANKS to everyone who sent us a gift by post or by Oma...

Colin, Heather and Isla (Somewhere under all her new outfits)...

February 28, 2008

We're home a week already...

Dear Diary,

Isla has been home for a week now and is settling in very well. Here are some new photo's for you all..

Aunty Marg was on the phone with Heather just in the last 1/2 hour, so these are the pictures promised.

Heather on the phone.

Isla in her cot.

We have also received many flowers from people, even some tulips, heather's favourites..

That's all for now folks, thankyou for all the prayers and best wishes for us.

Colin, Heather and Isla..

February 23, 2008

We're home.

Dear Diary,

Isla and mummy came home at last on thursday night. It is now saturday and the little one seems to be settling in just fine.

The midwives have been to visit, both called Ann, and are happy with the progress they are both making.

It has been interesting how the cats have responded, very gently they come on over to see the new arrival, maybe they smell the milk. Pearl has been making strange faces when Isla cries, but we're keeping a close eye on them both.

But judging from these two pictures they're not too upset.

Heather will be back to adding more notes to our blog shortly, so for now that's all. She always did say I was a man of few words..

May Yahweh יהוה bless you all...

Colin, Heather and Isla..

February 20, 2008

Granny Black came to visit....

Dear Diary,

Day four and Isla had a visit from her Granny Black.. We're still in debate whether she will be called granny, nana, or gran Black. Definately not oma, so mum vandenberg, you're safe enough.

Isla is feeding quite well also, but we're having to top her up with a supplement, which is good because I get a chance to feed her.

So all is well in the Black family. This last picture was taken when Heather was burping Isla, but the look on Isla's face was just too cute not to add a speech bubble.

I will leave you with a little story;

My brother Alan has two girls, Erin and Amy aged 6 and 5. Erin must have overheard her mother talking about Isla'a weight because when Alan came home later that night Erin rushed to him and said something along the line of,

"Daddy, was Uncle Colin and Aunt Heather's baby really that cheap, mum said she was only five pounds (£5)?"

Erin may also have been thinking, if they're that cheap why can't we have another? But Alan denies that...

Take care and God Bless you all...

Colin, Heather and Isla...

February 18, 2008

Day the life of Isla

Dear Diary,
Well folks, baby and mummy are still doing great. Isla is feeding well and most of the time is nice and calm and relaxed, unless someone is changing her nappy(dyper) or taking blood samples.
Some more pictures for you all.. Enjoy..

Until next time, Colin, Heather and Isla...

February 17, 2008

We're a family

Dear Diary,

The arrival of Isla Jennifer Black took place this Lord's Day 17th Feb 2008 at 10.20am. She weighed in at a mere 5lbs 4ozs, but mother always told me good goods arrive in small bulk.

That's all for now.........
The Black Family..