"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to His purpose"

Romans 8:28

May 31, 2008

Meet 'n' Greet

Dear Diary,

The days since Colin has left for Denver have been passing by quickly and we have had lots of family and friends popping by to say hi and to meet Isla.

Auntie Aaf

Aunt Jane

... and Isla even made a new friend, little Maiya!

Maiya is 6 weeks older than Isla and is the daughter of my friend Karen. Isla also got a cuddle from Maiya's mommy...

At least I didn't have to worry Karen stealing her :-)

And I should mention that she gets an occasional daily hug from her Oma too...

We are settling in just fine to our own routine without Colin (sorry dear, but we really do miss you) and as I mentioned before, Pearl and Dixie have made themselves at home with Ziggy. I found Dixie since my last post, in Isla's bed...

... bad kitty...

Pearl is good as always and snuggled up on the softest spot in the house, Mom's sheepskin rug...

Colin has been interviewing and house hunting this weekend and we may no longer be homeless by Monday - woohoo!. If we decide to rent a condo this weekend, I'll let Colin post the details and photos.
As for me, I'm still shopping but I think I'm just about done for the next few weeks. This morning I went to a Mom to Mom sale in Burlington and bought Isla a lilac Bumbo chair. Since she is a bit of midget for age, it's a bit big for her at the moment but I'd say she can start to use it within the next month or two.
'Til next time,
Heather, Colin & Isla

May 28, 2008

We've arrived safely....

Dear Diary,

I know, it's been a long time and I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've been told, "I checked the blog but NOTHING new has been added!". Well, we've been busy, very busy and sadly the blog hasn't been my first priority. I'll start by recapping the last couple of weeks.

Colin was in Denver for almost three weeks and arrived home in Larne on Saturday, May 17. Pretty much from the time he came home until we left on the 22nd we were swamped but THANK YOU very much to everyone who helped us in so many ways and even after we left. It was an overwhelming challenge for us two alone and we appreciate all the help and support we recieved. The house is still for sale so feel free to make us an offer.....

The house was packed up by Pickfords on Tuesday and it took 4 or 5 hours to finish. Our stuff is now somewhere in England and will be making it's way over to Mom and Dad's barn shortly. We spent Wednesday cleaning and visiting and since we had to get up at 2 a.m. the next day, why bother go to bed at all? In the end we managed to lie down for literally a couple of hours but I don't think either of us slept. Thankfully Isla did!

Uncle Johnny, Uncle Maurice and Aunt Margaret arrived by 4 a.m. and we all hit the road for Dublin Airport. Pearl and Dixie were caged up but their cages were doused with a kitty phermone and they were really good despite being in the cage for 16 hours... Isla was either eating or sleeping on the plane in an empty seat between us and did very well too. I think the motion of the plane soothed her just like a car ride would.

Here is Pearl laing on Mom's bed, Dixie was no where around when I wanted to take a pic of her. As you can see, she is no worse for wear after her ordeal....

... and here is Ziggy, such a nice boy and my first cat....

Margaret picked us up from the airport when we arrived in Toronto. Poor Colin was pushing two trolleys full of suitcases and cats. The Border guard had pity on him so after checking out the cats, he offered to help him...

Auntie Margaret cried when she saw Isla and insists on feeding her whenever she can!

Thankfully, she lives 45 minutes away so at least I can feed her now and again!
On Sunday we had the crowd over - John and Marg and kids and George and Loretta and kids. We had a good night getting reaquainted. During the last three years I was away my nieces and nephews have all been getting older and much taller (than me)....
Kris is my "little" niece....
On Monday, Isla met her Great-Oma (94) in Mount Nemo Nursing Home for the first time. Oma loved her and it was a special moment for both of us.

Colin left for Denver on Tuesday morning but before he left for 3.5 weeks, he started a new game with Isla...
I'm not sure what it is called but he throws the muslin cloth over her head and she takes it off laughing and giggling. She is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over the past two weeks she has really started to chit chat and tell stories. She absolutely loves it when someone talks to her and smiles. We were at the mall today and she was cooed at everywhere we went because all she did was smile. She rarely cries and I think jet lag is a thing of the past because she is back to sleeping 10-11 hours and is usually up around 7:30 a.m.

Colin is staying in a studio apartment in Denver at an extended stay hotel. He has his own "pad" for the next month or until we can rent something. It has a fully equipped kitchen so he may even get around to doing some cooking for himself... (We miss you loads already!xo)...
Well that is it for now. The visiting schedule is getting booked up but there is still lots of time before we leave here and I'll do my best to keep the blog current.
Hope this finds you all well...
Heather, Colin & Isla

May 13, 2008

Update on the Office in Denver

Dear Diary,

I thought I should show you a couple of pictures of the office so you can see how it is progressing.

I have been busy this week setting up the computers, however it has been frustrating as well, but I have made some good progress.

I am looking forward to Friday when I fly back home to see Heather and Isla. Heather told me today that she is sure Isla said "Daddy". I was lost for words.

Anyway, I believe Dixie needs a good talking to as she has been up to no good, so Heather says. I guess she has been missing our play times.

Bye for now folks and a few xoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxo for Heather and Isla.


May 11, 2008

12 Weeks Old!

Dear Diary,

Isla is 12 weeks old today! Any parent would tell you time goes fast and I would certainly agree. I weighed her today and according to my calculations, she weighs 13 lbs. 6 ozs. and sleeps 8 to 9 hours every night.

This afternoon I put her on her playmat - she likes to "hit" Pooh Bear and Tigger or at least look at them dangling in front of her - and she was wide awake when I went upstairs. When I came down again, this is what I saw...

...ahh, isn't she adorable, fast asleep! Being little is tiring work.

The nice thing about her sleeping is that she wakes up again and this is what I see....

.... she's all smiles!

.... and more smiles.....

We just love her to bits and can't wait to show her off soon in Canada.

Our flights have been booked from Dublin to Toronto on 22 May which is less than two weeks away!! We still have loads of little things to organize and pack. Whoever picks us up from the airport, I'm warning you all now, bring at least two vehicles.

As for Denver, I'll let Colin update you all when he has a minute.

See you soon.

'Til next time,

Heather, Colin (still in Denver) & Isla

May 6, 2008

A message from Isla

Dear Diary,

Isla and I are doing well on our own in the middle of nowhere! Thankfully the weather has been very nice, Northern Ireland tropical 21 degrees, and we've been out for afternoon strolls and then coming back to the house to enjoy the outdoors in the back yard with the cats. I've taken a few photos this afternoon since I found the old digital camera hanging in the closet....

Isla with her floppy hat

Isla without her floppy hat

The hat is a size 6 to 12 months but it was tight on her. It must be her above average size head!

And a little smile for her daddy xo - it's hard to get her to smile when the camera is on her....

Gotta run, I'm typing this as she is falling asleep in her bed beside me...

May 5, 2008

Update on the paint job.

Dear Diary,

Thought I should update you all on the office preparations. As you can see from these pictures, blue is the colour.

The notes on some of the pictures were to let the office know what I was planning.

I have also been out looking at possible houses to rent this afternoon. This one seemed nice enough, and only 20mins from work.

Of course I couldn't leave you without another picture of the rockies.

Take care, and some xoxoxoxo for Heather and Isla, I miss you more and more each day..

May 4, 2008

Finding a church in Denver

Dear Diary,

One of the tasks that is high up in our list of priorities is to find a church where God can use us and we can find fellowship. Notice that God uses us first then we find fellowship....

Anyway, after searching the internet for local OPC's and RPC's etc I attended Park Hill Presbyterian Church, 3411 Albion Street, Denver Co. 80207. It's a small OPC and the Pastor is Matthew Kingsbury. The morning service was at 11am and the church was only 5 mins from the hotel.

The people in Park Hill were very friendly and I even had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with the Moores, Merlin and Janet. They invited me over for lunch at their home and we had a great afternoon of fellowship and chat. I would again like to thank them for their fellowship and I know they'll be checking out the blog.

I will leave you with some more pictures of the rockies at sunset..

Until next time... Love to Heather and Isla, I miss you both dearly....