"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to His purpose"

Romans 8:28

June 24, 2008

Another Year....

Dear Diary,

37 and a few more grey hairs.. As of 11.20pm last night I officially aged another year, and I must say over the last few weeks I can feel it. Ever since my nephew Matthew asked me to play 11-a-side football in Ontario I have realised that either I have to give up or get going to the gym. I have no excuse though as there's a free one about 100 yards away from my bed.. :)

Anyway just wanted to say thankyou for all of you guys who left a happy birthday comment on the blog, it was much appreciated. Also to Merlin and Janet who sent me an ecard and the folk at Metro taxis who got me a cake and were all gathered together to surprise me with it.

Mum and Dad Vandenberg, thankyou for the birthday card, and whether it said Son in Law or Son makes no difference to me, I know what you mean and feel very thankful that you see me as a son..

Heather, Isla and I went out last night to a Sushi restaurant, even though Heather's not all that fond of Sushi. But we had a nice evening and Isla was again so very good. Thankyou dear for taking me out and for driving home, so I could enjoy some saki...

As a family we are keeping well, although there's no sign of any visa we will take the opportunity to visit the folks back in Canada every 3 months or so. We don't have a TV and I'm not in any hurry to get one as it's nice just sitting listening to music or the radio. there are plenty of christian radio stations in Colorado to listen to. And we can read also, which is always a good thing.

We will continue to keep the blog updated and let you know how we're doing...

In Christ Alone....

Colin, Heather and Isla....

June 23, 2008

Life on the Ranch

Dear Diary,

Isla and I arrived at the Ranch (check out link) just over a week ago. The apartment is lovely, it's just like living on a resort. The grounds are impeccably kept and we have access to a pool, a kiddie splash pool and a hot tub along with a gym and weekly pilates and yoga classes. I certainly have no excuse for not losing the baby weight! Oh yes, and there is a onsite car wash and Colin has learned a readily supply of quarters must be handy at all times to ensure the car is not covered in pink foam.

My first impression of Colorado has been good. It's really pretty, even desert like in our area, and clean. The people have been friendly and the shopping is great!!! We have spent alot of greenbacks at Walmart during the past week!

Right now we are in the process of buying a company car and opening a personal bank account. As with my move to the UK, nothing is easy especially when you don't have a social security number but we hope to have both sorted by this weekend. The visa situation is still being worked on and we pray that shortly this can be arranged as well. It does get frustrating at times but we are coping.

The good news is that we are happy and healthy despite a cold both Isla and myself had last week. The air is also very dry and it's taking time to climatize ourselves but as long as there is a bottle of water handy or a humidifier, we're OK. It's been very warm as well but with no humidity, it's been lovely - no headaches!! I think the warmest it's been so far is about 93 degrees - you do the conversion to celsius.

sla this past week has started to suck her thumb. For the past couple of weeks she has looked like she was going to roll over but she only gets half way and then stops. All she needs is a big gust of wind and then she's over! She certainly enjoyed her time again with Colin and is still very much Daddy's girl. I don't get too hold her much once he's home so I guess it's a good thing I'm home during the day.

A smile for her Oma -- mom thought for sure she heard Isla cry on the Saturday after we left... She either has VERY good hearing or she's hearing things but don't worry Mom, she misses you too- the horsey game is not as much fun with me as it is with you.

A wave, good-bye! Til next time...

Happy Birthday!

Dear Diary,

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

We are very thankful and blessed for having you in our lives....

June 10, 2008

4 Months Old!

Dear Diary,

Just an update on the days of our lives here in Waterdown. We're still doing a bit of visiting and Isla is enjoying all the cuddles and hugs she gets. Of course, the sparkles in her big blue eyes and that little cheeky smile are enough to melt your heart. I could look at her all day but then I might be a bit biased!

My cousin Fran Geurts came by last week for a nice chat. I haven't seen Fran since I left 3 years ago and we had a nice visit. Fran and her family used to live in Burlington and she used to come times to watch Sue Thomas FB Eye a few times.

I also went to visit my friend Elsa last Friday morning. We had a nice chat and her daughter Katelyn thoroughly enjoyed having another girl around the house. Poor Katelyn has three brothers!!!

When we arrived in Canada we brought our British car seat with us, however, they are illegal to use in Canada. Mom and I have been on a car seat search and to date we bought two, not that I need two but anyways a long story short, one is going back to the store. The practical side of me thought that if I bought Isla a car seat for the next stage up that she can currently use as well would be wise however when we used it for the first time it was obvious she is a bit young and needs more head support. In the meantime, I bought another infant car seat for her which is more age appropriate. This is Isla in the car seat which is going back to Sears (what would I do without Sears?).

Speaking of head support, her neck muscle co-ordination is really coming along well and even Mom and Dad say they can see huge improvement over the last couple of weeks. She still favours her right side (her head is still flat on that side) but is voluntarily turning her head to left no problem. She can hold her head up unaided and I'm sure if I put her on the floor on her tummy she would lift her head too. She really doesn't like to lay on the floor on her tummy so I don't do it much but I digress... At the Mom-to-Mom sale I bought her a Bumbo chair and tried it to test her neck and she did great. Here is the princess on her Bumbo throne.

Didn't I tell you her eyes sparkle? She loved it but her favourite chair is still the bouncy chair with vibrations and music. I don't know what I would do without it (another Sears purchase)!

On Friday she is getting another stamp in her little passport - we're going to visit Daddy! Woohoo! We haven't seen him in 2.5 weeks and we're all excited to finally be together again. We are leaving Friday and will return to Toronto on July 31st. We can't stay permanently in the US yet since we still don't have the appropriate visa. We are also still waiting for our stuff to leave England. Alot to happen yet but it's out of our hands and I'm praying for patience and all things to go well. What else can we do?

But we're all healthy and relatively happy - we'll be happier on Friday! My furry girls are staying with Mom and Dad and under the careful eye of Ziggy, they'll be fine, at least they have each other and from the pic below, isn't that nice!?

It's so nice to have a sister!

'Til next time,

Heather, Colin & Isla