"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to His purpose"

Romans 8:28

October 29, 2008


Dear Diary,

Yup, I got bored last night and changed the blog again... may change again soon but I think I'll leave it like this for awhile.

Will post again sometime soon....

October 23, 2008


Dear Diary,

Isla LOVED her excersaucer that she had at my parents house but when we left Canada, we didn't have room in the van to take it with us. We knew we had to get something for her to jump in so I went shopping and found her the Rainforest Jumperoo! She loves it! She is a bit short for it but she can still jump to the moon and back again

The Jumperoo is the second Fisher-Price Rainforest item we bought. We also have the high chair but it's not that we planned it, it just sort of happened.

Don't worry Mom, she doesn't miss her saucer.

October 22, 2008

8 Months Old and on the road...

Dear Diary,

I've missed posting on the blog but we've been busy...

First of all, Isla turned 8 months on October 17, she had a baby wellness check up and she got another 3 teeth, all in one day (more about that later on in this post).

Here she is on her 8th month birthday. Mom and I decided it would be nice to take her to the pumpkin farm and apple orchard down the road. She loves going for walks and "sings" while we walk...

My little pumpkin in the pumpkin patch:

With her mom:

With her doting Oma:

She loves animals whether it be cats or dogs, yes, even Tasha!!

Before we left for Denver I took her to the dr. for a wellness check up. She is a peanut at 27 inches long and weighed 17.5 lbs ~ that is 1 stone 3.5 lbs. for those Brtis! She is right on track developmentally and is sitting quite comfortably but not crawling in the true form of crawling if you know what I mean. I wish I had a photo to post but the new thing is to go on all fours and "stand" on her tip-toes with her little bum in the air ~ too cute! She manages to shuffle along by rolling and wiggling on the floor... One day she'll surprise us and go on all fours....

After a week of sorting and packing, Colin arrived late Friday evening in Toronto and we left at 4:45 a.m. Saturday for Denver. We were tired but anxious to get going.

Our drive was uneventful and smooth all along. We didn't take any photos because we had 1500 miles to cover in two days as Colin had to be back at work Monday morning. Isla was really good in her car seat but had trouble settling down in her crib at night at the hotels. We thought it was just from sitting all day but on Monday I realized she cut three teeth on Sunday!! Wow, for two months it was just the two bottom teeth and now she has a third bottom front teeth and the two upper middle teeth for a total of 5 teeth. What should've been a clue to us was the number of dirty diapers she had and let me tell you when you're enclosed in a van it doesn't take long to realize she needed a change.

While we were driving it was a good time for Colin and Isla to get re-acquainted and she couldn't get a more attentive daddy!

As for the cats, they were OK. Pearl only cried occasionally but Dixie, well, let's just say she spent most of the trip on my lap sleeping on a pillow. It was recommended we give them Rescue Remedy to keep them calm. An adult does is 4 drops on the tongue but with cats, one drop is enough. That was true with Pearl but Dixie, I gave her an adult dose and then I think she still had more... Never again...

Here they are in their "prisons". When we stopped for a break we brought them outside for fresh air. Despite alot of wind in Iowa, we were fortunate to have great weather during our trip...

I stuffed the van full of stuff with some things I really wanted to bring to make the apartment feel more like home so this week I'm sorting through the boxes. The only problem I'm having is that since we don't have our furniture I'm running out of storage areas! We have a huge walkin closet, a storage unit and a garage and I know all the space will be well used. Eventually once Colin sorts out the office, we'll eventually get our furniture and other belongings shipped out.

So there you have it. We're pleasantly busy and happy to be together again, finally! We are very thankful that our trip was safe and we encountered no car trouble or accidents and just happy to be back in Colorado.

If you're ever in the area, come on over ~ our door is always open.

'Til next time,
Heather, Colin and Isla

October 5, 2008

New things everyday!

Dear Diary,

This morning when I was speaking on the phone to beloved in Denver, he mentioned that he hasn't seen Isla's two teeth yet. I think he's seen at least one but has forgotten. It's sad, isn't it, he can't remember how many of his daughter's teeth he's seen. That just goes to prove how much time we've spent apart the last four months. Anyways, here you go dear, two teeth....

And even one of me - a self-portrait with the little peanut. Yes, I know, more chins than a Chinese phone book as they say....

Our beautiful little sweetheart, everyone who meets her, loves her. I was feeding her this morning and I'm sure she said "Oma"~ to say the least, my mom was tickled pink! She's been "talking" a lot lately, there has been a lot of "Dada" but no"Mama" yet. I'll try not to be offended but I think she's a daddy's girl, what do you think?

She's also started sitting up and she's quite proud of herself.

As for crawling, she's moving her legs a few times but doesn't move her arms yet so she's not getting too far.

This illustrates the preferred method of transportation, ROLLING! You'd be amazed how far and how fast she gets to where she wants to go....
This week we hope to leave with the cats for Denver. Our plans tend to change daily but for all involved, we really hope and pray our plans are carried out. It's been a long time apart and it's time we're a family together in one place. We're looking forward to the drive to get reacquainted and hope the cats behave and don't keep Isla up from her naps. If all goes well, we should arrive in Denver next Monday.
Hope you're all well,
Heather, Colin & Isla