"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to His purpose"

Romans 8:28

February 18, 2010

Birthday aftermath and a check-up

It's done, the party is over....  but boy oh boy, did she have a good day!

She beamed from sun-up til sun-down....

We had a group of family and friends over in the morning to celebrate and Colin's aunt and uncle came later in the afternoon and for dinner...

Despite her not understanding the concept of "birthday", she knew everyone was there for her.  She smiled and giggled all day long.  It was a good day, an enjoyable day of watching her squeal and laugh and thoroughly enjoy herself....

Having a birthday also means having a check up and that's what we did today.  Never to be taken for granted she received a clean bill of health although she "forgot" where her nose was when the doctor asked!!!

26 lbs. 10 ozs. - 54th percentile
34.5 inches tall - 37th percentile
20 inch head circumference - 97th percentile (full of brains you see!)

The doctor commented that she was tall and thin...  HA! Our child TALL?  I had to giggle but seriously she does look tall and thin despite her height percentile.  I'm not big into percentiles because I don't feel it's fair to compare children to each other but she has certainly come a long ways from below the tenth percentile in weight and height - her head was always bigger than the 50th percentile...

Thank you to everyone, near and far, for remembering her on her birthday and making it such a great day!

'Til next time,

February 17, 2010

Two years ago...

... our sweet beautiful Monkey joined our family.

The Lord has blessed us with her sweet demeanour, amicable personality and smiling face.  She brings joy to our hearts when everything else in life seems to be falling apart.  The Lord knew what we could handle when he placed her in our lives and she has been our shining light for the past two years.

"Two" things about Isla:

  • Two favourite words:  Hi-eee ~ No (subject to change frequently)

  • Two favourite foods: bread ~ any kind of fruit (subject to change frequently)

  • Two favourite activities: jumping ~ washing her hands/splashing in the sink

  • Two favourite household "chores" - feeding Tasha (one kernel at a time goes in her bowl) ~ dusting

  • Two favourite toys: Teddies ~ Elmo

  • Two favourite TV shows:  Sesame Street ~ Wheel of Fortune

  • Two favourite colours purple ~ yellow

  • Two favourite people:  Daddy ~ Oma (I'm not offended, really!)

  • Two favourite characters: Elmo ~ Dora the Explorer


'Til next time,

February 16, 2010

Birthday Eve ~ Isla's birth story

WARNING (sort of) - I should say that this post may not appeal to everyone.  I'm not being graphic or trying to scare anyone, it just may not interest some or you may be expecting a baby and don't want to read about it just yet.  That's OK but you've been warned.

The reason I want to post it is for Isla and for me.  It's a part of her life and mine and I want to remember it.

So if you don't want to read it, stop right here....

Just remember, there is a happy ending.  We had Isla.

If you want to read it, continue reading....


June 2007 -  I discovered I was pregnant the day before Father's Day and as much as I wanted to tell Colin the next day, I can't keep a surprise so I went out and bought him a Father's Day from the cats - HA! -  and Baby Black.... He didn't get it right away but he caught on pretty quick!

So, I would love to say I went into labour at 5 p.m. she was born at 8 p.m. and it was a day in the park but it wasn't anything like that.  In fact you have to go back six weeks before she was born. 

January 9, 2008 - I remember that day well because Lil M (a week late) was born two days earlier and Karen's due date was seven weeks before mine.  I had a consultants appointment - that's what they call the OB in N. Ireland.  The appointment started out the same as the rest but when they took my BP it was elevated.  The nurse didn't seem to bothered by it so I casually mentioned it to Colin thinking that it wasn't a big deal.  Well, I was wrong. It was 150/115 (no wonder I was swollen EVERYWHERE) and the OB was ready to admit me to the hospital for observation.  That's when I had a hormonal breakdown because I couldn't have a baby the same week as Karen when she was seven weeks before me.  As it went, the senior OB decided I would be more relaxed at home and the midwife would stop by daily to check me out.  I should say that  I am fairly certain that this would not have happened in Canada - I am sure she would've delivered THAT day.

I went to work that day and started my maternity leave early by finishing work two days later. (STUPID, I should've stopped that day but...)  I put a indentation in the sofa for the next six weeks and the midwives became my new best friends.  I saw more of them than I did Colin who was doing a fair of travelling around Ireland at the time.  The midwives were awesome - two Anns and Sarah.  It was Sarah who came to take my BP on Valentines Day.  It was high again at about 105/90 so she called the hospital to see what the docs wanted to do with me and sure enough they wanted me to come in to be checked out. 

Lucky us or should I say God planned for Colin to be working close to home and finish earlier than normal at about 3:30.  I called him, told him what was up and packed an overnight bag because I wasn't due for another week.  I had no intention of staying the night even though he said we would come home as a family of three.

I didn't stay the night.  I stayed a week!

They admitted me on Valentines Day for observation with no real plans what to do.  I had another hormonal breakdown and the midwife assigned to me didn't quite know what to do with me so she just patted my knee and said Colin could stay long a bit longer than regular visiting hours.

I wasn't allowed outside the hospital.  I was bored silly to say the least and for all those who have spent at least one night in the maternity ward with six women and babies in one room, it was noisy where sleep did not come easy.  By this time I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and I wasn't aware how serious the condition was until I asked the doctor if I could go with Colin to Starbucks 10 minutes away.  She told me I could seize any minute and I'd be lucky to make a lap around the parking lot.  It sunk in then.

That was Saturday, February 16.  The docs FINALLY came by to tell me they would induce me on Sunday night since my BP was consistently sky high.  However later that night the doc stopped by to take my BP again before she left for the day (it was about 9 p.m. and Colin was long gone home) and it was high which wasn't a big surprise.  She asked the midwives to induce me that night if they had time.


I didn't have a hormonal breakdown but I got real scared!  I called Colin to tell him what was going on but to stay home as it was early on and they didn't even know if it would work the first time.

It did.  I noticed something about 15 minutes after they started the meds. 

The midwives were "experienced", to be nice, and they told me I couldn't possibly feel anything that early on.  Whatever, I know what I was feeling so they hooked me up to a monitor for a bit to keep an eye on her.  She was OK.  I pretty much tossed and turned all night but  I wasn't in pain, just uncomfortable and was having hot flashes.

At 6 a.m. they monitored me again and saw that the contractions were coming frequently but Isla's heartrate was dropping with each one and not coming back up as it should afterwards.  Since I was on the maternity ward they sent me over to Labour and Delivery.  I called Colin to fill in him and to hurry up!  He arrived just after 7 a.m.,  an hour after I called him but it seemed like forever.

Isla was still in distress.  They broke my waters which just made labour speed up and became that more intense.  They did some test to draw blood for her head - THREE TIMES - to figure out why she was still in distress but nothing worked.  That was NOT nice....  The cord wasn't wrapped either...

By this time, I'm in pain.  I'm not Wonderwoman and wanted an epidural since the contractions were so intense, she was coming fast and they were doing all sorts of funky things to both me and Isla.  They told me they couldn't find the anesthesiologist..  WHAT?   Apparently on Sunday mornings anesthesiologists are scarce.

I think that was about 8:30 a.m.  FINALLY about 10 a.m. enough was enough.  Isla wasn't doing well.  My BP was hitting the ceiling and the only remedy is delivery.  So that's what they did.

The anathesiologist was finally located and came sauntering into my room in jeans and sweater.  He said "Hi Heather, I'm Dr. so-and-so, how are you?".  WHAT?  I'm not in the mood for chit-chat thanks.  Get her out NOW!

There was no time for a spinal so I was given a general anaesthesia and I drifted away.  Colin was just outside the door and although he couldn't see her birth, he heard her first cry and saw them carry her away from me.  (I'm tearing up as I write this).  I never heard her and although I don't regret one moment of her birth, the fact that I never heard her first cry was the worst part of her birth.

As soon as she was cleaned up and checked out they gave her to Colin. He held her, talked to her and looked at her for the next hour and a half until I came around.   I swear that is why she is such a daddy's girl!

As soon as I came around I held her but she was so small!  I had an u/s two days earlier and she was measuring 6lbs. 8 oz. but she came out 5lbs. 4 ozs.  I guess technology isn't so accurate after all.

In the end, I stayed in the hospital another four days.  We came on Thursday and Isla weighed 5 lbs. even.  She was so small but so perfect!  Colin had to go out and buy preemie diapers and sleepers!  They thought she might have to stay longer to go under the lights to alleviate the jaundice but her counts were good.  My poor girl was poked every day she was there and I could see the needle pricks on the tops of her hands for a few months afterwards.  Since she was so small they needed to check her blood sugar and they did it in the room next to my bed so I could hear her scream everytime.  That is not what a new mom wants to hear!  She was OK, I knew it was for her benefit.

Although it was the birth story that I never could have imagined and certainly did not plan, I don't regret any of it.  We have a beautiful, healthy little girl and it doesn't matter how she came into this world.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat to see that sweet, sweet little face!

Psalm 127:3 ESV
Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

'Til next time,

February 8, 2010

Our winter dose Vitamin D

Today was a wonderfully bright, sunny winter day here in the Great White North....

Despite waking up at 6 a.m. Isla didn't want to nap so we went for a walk on the Wetlands Trail instead.   I forgot my gloves and decided not to walk as far as I had planned because it was c-o-l-d.  Besides, the lady had enough of sitting and wanted to walk back to the van.

I know she is wearing a winter coat with a car blanket but seriously, she's outgrowing this stroller. 

February 2010

May 2008

She looks so tiny and look at all the room in there!  She's getting to be a big girl and I get sentimental thinking of her 2nd birthday next week..... .....  What happened to my tiny 2.5 month old baby? 

She's grown into a beautiful little girl, full of personality and love!

'Til next time,


Unless you live in a bubble, you'll know that the (snowless) 2010 Winter Olympics start this weekend in Vancouver.

So why, if Canada is hosting, did they have an American firm build the CANADIAN pavillion and why is it so ugly?

Just look at it....

It looks like one of the temporary sheds you can buy to keep the snow off your car.... or a chicken barn with windows....

Another reason they need snow over on the west coast - it will look 100% better with snow covering it....

... but that is just my opinion....  ;-)

'Til next time,

February 7, 2010

A few more days...

... and then he's home again... for a few weeks anyways...

Until then, we'll continue travelling between mom's house and our apartment which I might add is starting to look and feel like home.  I have a "honey do list" waiting for Colin but it's OK, he knows about it and knows I'm useless at hanging things on the wall...  Once I'm happy we've done everything we can, I'll take some photos and post them on the blog.  Mental note, power up the drill! 

I'm getting ideas and things together for Isla's birthday next week.  It's not going to be a big event.  We've decided to celebrate with some family over at our house on her day and just then just chill out together eating Elmo cake.

I'm also looking for new activities for the lady.  She's bored as you can see. 

I tried making play-dough with her yesterday and while she liked pouring ingredients into the bowl, she wouldn't mix it together with her hands. The silly girl doesn't like getting her hands dirty!  She liked taking spoons, measuring cups and even the rolling pin over the dough and banging in the bowl but that was the extent of it.  I also made cookies and she loved helping me so I'm thinking it's an activiity we'll do alot of together in the future.

The quality isn't that great, sorry.  I didn't have my camera with me so I used my iPhone.

All I can say right now is that Thursday morning, bright and early, cannot come soon enough.

'Til next time,

February 1, 2010

12 more days...

... until Colin is home! 


Further to Colin's post, my mom does help out when she can so I'm not totally on my own but the bulk of the responsibility naturally falls on my shoulders while he is away....  Time cannot go fast enough and we can be together again.

Without further adieu, a photo of the lady, with crazy hair, for her daddy!

What a smile, eh?!

'Til next time,