"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to His purpose"

Romans 8:28

May 30, 2010

Day 15 - Sunday Best

Her new summer dress!  It's adorable and even sweeter on her  ;-)

This is what she was doing as I was trying to take a pic!
My three lovely girls!

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May 29, 2010

Day 14 - Have you been gone 2 weeks already?

Our girl playing with her "new" Tonka truck....

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Day 13 - ' cause I missed a day...

She has it all figured out - move the trash can to the floor,
step on the cat litter box and then grabs her tooth brush and paste! 
Smart cookie - she'd do it 18x a day if I let her!

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May 26, 2010

Day 11 - TIM!!!!

Isla's genuinely Canadian now that's she had her first Tim Horton's Ice Cap!

Well, it was mine and she snuck it and finished it after I put it down for a minute.

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May 25, 2010

Day 10 - She's really into Recycling

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Day 9 - Another fat lip

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Day 8 - A Girl Can never have enough flowers

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Day 7 - Vet Visit

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Day 6 - Mommy made Cream of Wheat finally!

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Day 5 - Dirt, dirt and more dirt!

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Day 4 - Spring means Lilacs

I picked these at Mom's and brought them home - the van sure smelled nice!

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Day 3 - National Nuisance out for a stroll with the family

... but aren't they cute!?

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Day 2 - Wagon Rides and Bubbles

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May 17, 2010

Day 1

Colin left last night for Brazil and he called me this morning to say he arrived safely.   While he is away I plan on posting a photo or two of Isla or something from our day for him (and anyone else who happens to read the blog!). I don't know if I'll do it everyday but I'll at least make an attempt.

Without further adieu, Monday, day 1.... 

We were outside this morning watering plants and just hanging out.

OK, two photos, since Pearl and Isla were playing so nice together...

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May 16, 2010

Our Family

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May 13, 2010

Our week, so far

Colin has been home for almost a week already.  Time goes by too quickly as he is scheduled to leave again on Sunday night for a red-eye flight back to Brazil.  Sadly, he comes to Canada on "vacation" and goes "home" to Brazil.

I try not to focus on how many days we have left together, I just want to spend time together!

We've taken it easy and Isla loved it that he was able to join us at her "Play and Splash" class on Tuesday.  I've been taking her for the last few weeks (it runs until mid-June) and she loves it but it's a bit more special with Daddy!  Colin and I were with her together during the "play" portion and then Colin went with her in the pool.  That girls' mouth was never closed - she was either talking (alot) or swallowing water ;-)  Anyways, she loved it and I had fun watching her from a different angle.  She's a crazy kid on Tuesday mornings!

After the class we travelled to Ajax to spend time with Aunt Lynn and Uncle Jim.  Isla loved it of course as she gets spoiled rotten and has a giggly good time.  Normally when we go to visit we take her Pack'n'Play for her to sleep in but she's outgrowing it in both height and weight so this time she slept on a mattress placed on the floor.  Despite a room trashing, it went well.  In retrospect it was probably our fault for leaving the diaper bag and our (open) suitcase in a room with a curious 2 year old!  No harm done, just a big mess and alot of ripped up paper...    Colin laid down beside her, eventually she fell asleep and by soothing her back to sleep once or twice, the night went well.   I'm not ready to convert her crib to a day bed yet though, all three of us are happy with the crib for the time being.

Today we ventured to the St. Jacobs Market.  It's been a damp week and today was no different but it was OK.  I was hoping she could go to the petting zoo but it wasn't a petting zoo kinda day.  We came home with half of our grocery shopping done including some good deals on strawberries and blueberries!

A couple of pics of my two favourite, special and loved people:

By the way, there has been movement at Immigration Canada  - October 13!  A wee bit closer to our application  :-)

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May 5, 2010


BIG Isla

That's what she's been calling herself this week.  I even heard "big Mama"  once or twice and while she's right, I don't need to hear it from my two year old! 

And yes, I think she's getting big too....   Yesterday I was flipping through her photoalbums and saw a photo taken on May 5, 2009...

She started walking! (click here to read my original post).  I remember thinking at the time that she was going to be crawling forever so I was very relieved to see her reach another milestone.

She really is BIG Isla!

'Til next time,

May 3, 2010

Is it May already?

Time sure flies, doesn't it?

It's May already! YAY!  I don't mind but if it was going on let's say, November, then I wouldn't be as happy.

It's time for my-not-so-intended-to-be-monthly update.  Yes, that is just how things have turned out to be.  I haven't been in a blogging sort of mood lately.  Too much of the same and not much else that is blog worthy but it's not a bad thing.

Colin is away and arriving home on Friday for a week and a bit.  There hasn't been much change on the visa front although we hope to hear this month of our approved "agreement in prinicple" followed shortly thereafter with the Canadian visa.  I just checked Immigration Canada's website and it says they are processing October 3, 2009.  That means one of two things: 1.  They are VERY slow or October 3 was a heavy mail day as it has showed October 3 for a few weeks now OR 2. They haven't updated the website in a few weeks.

I really hope for the latter as we filed on November 17, 2009.  Our anticipated six month step 1 processing date is May 17, 2010.  My guess is we'll here more in June and I'll post on that situation as we get word from our friends in Vegreville, Alberta.

In the meantime Colin is racking up the Aeroplan points from Air Canada.  We're aiming for a trip around the world at the rate he is going!!!  HA!  No, really, we might as well get something for all the time we spend apart.  Maybe a trip to Denver or Belfast for us in the near future?  Who knows?  We don't, yet.

Isla and I spend one night or so a week at my Mom's house.  It breaks up our week and we get to spend time with Mom, which I think we all enjoy.  Isla certainly does because Oma does all sorts of interesting things like sweep floors, dust and feed Tasha.   

I've been looking for a petting zoo to take her too but couldn't find any in the area.  When I mentioned that to my mom she said there was one at the Dutch Mill in Millgrove.  Bingo!  We stopped by last week and Isla got to meet the goat, ponies, ducks, bunnies, sheep and chickens.   They also had a fun bridge to run on!

We'll definately be going back there again... Oh yeah, did I mention it's free!?  Woohoo!

Karen and I have taken the little ladies, Isla and her buddy Maiya, to the butterfly pavallion not too far from home.  Since they both loved it,  both of us bought an annual pass which is basically 2.5 visits to the pavillion.   It made sense to us as they are free until age 3 so it's our admission we have to pay for.  If you've ever been to a place like that you'll know how HOT and HUMID it is.  I highly doubt we'll be going between June and September but  I'll take her this  month and then once the weather cools down.  Ss for the winter, we'll go to warm up!

She honestly loved it in there, I think the hot weather got to her!

What else?

Not much really 'cept a bad case of allergies  for Isla and I.  In N. Ireland there are not too many trees and the pollen count isn't as high either so my allergies didn't bother me much over there.  In Colorado, it was just really dry and the grass is pretty much brown year long so it wasn't bad either.  I wish that was the case here!

The weather has been a mixed bag but always windy (just check out Isla's hair in my pics). Some days like today, bright and warm, others like this past weekend, wet and gray.  Today we went for a walk together around the property and Isla can't get enough of the dandelions.  She would like to know why anyone would kill a dandelion - she L-O-V-E-S them!

Happy Spring!

'Til next time,