"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to His purpose"

Romans 8:28

February 28, 2011

A Year of Photos

'Til next time,

February 18, 2011

Three Years Old!

Our 'baby' turned 3 yesterday! 

This is the first year she knew what it meant to have a birthday and wanted to wear her birthday hat.  She knew she was going to be 3 and knew her birthday was in February.  She really wanted.....

... a 'bue buttefly' birthday cake! 

We celebrated on the 16th rather than the 17th as Colin wasn't going to be home yesterday.  He didn't get to see her until 10:00 pm when he came home and was able to give her a kiss on the cheek while she slept.

We made our Wednesday coffee day into a little party for her  and she had such a good time there was no time to nap. 

Oma with 'her birthday girl'

A rare photo of me with 'my birthday girl'

She loved blowing out candles! 

I think we lit it and turned off the lights about eight times, literally.  More to come on Saturday when Aunt Lynne and Uncle Jim come to celebrate with us if she can hold out for 'bue buttefly' cake a bit longer.

Happy Birthday sweet Isla!
We thank God for three wonderful years with you and wish you many, many more blessed birthdays!!

'Til next time,

February 10, 2011

Back on track after almost 3 years!

It's been too long since my last post but by now I'm sure everybody who reads this blog has caught on that I'm just not as diligent in posting as I have been in the past.

There have been a number of 'YAY' moments since December:
1. Isla is fully toilet trained;
2. Colin has a full time job; and
3. He has "officially" become a Permanent Resident (PR) as he now has his PR card!

Isla ~~

Well, what can I say about the madam.  She's the boss lady of the house  ;-)

She'll be 3 next week!  Yes, THREE years old.  Where has my baby gone? 

She is now fully toilet trained although we still have the odd accident but they are few and far between.  She usually goes on her own but I like to 'assist' her just so I know she's fully cleaned up, if you know what I mean.  Also, if she gets a bit preoccupied with what she is doing, I may need to remind her but overall she's done excellent.  Thanks to Oma!  Even at night time, no problems.  She wakes up dry and once she goes to bed at 8'ish, I don't get her up to go potty while half asleep.  I gotta say, we got lucky with her and we can cross off another milestone albeit bittersweet (for me).  I just bought a pack of pull-ups and have a ton of coupons for them but I'm not sure why.  I do put them on her when we leave the house and by habit at night but I know she doesn't need them.  I've concluded I did it just to shop the baby section of Walmart - HA!

She is such a happy girl and loves it when daddy comes home from work - it's the best part of the day for both of them I think.  She runs into his arms shouting 'Daddy!".  The strange thing is this is her first experience with Colin going to work and coming home.  We had a few months in Colorado but this is the first time on a permanent basis and we weren't sure how she would react.  She still occasionally says 'Daddy go on airplane?' but I think she's getting used to him coming and going despite a few tears in the morning when he leaves. 

Colin ~~

Yes, he's working!

We decided it was time to leave GPC and the UK to stay home with his family where he belongs.  It was a scary decision as he didn't have a job at the time but we had peace that this is what the Lord wanted us to do as well.  We trusted He would provide a job for Colin and he answered our many prayers last week.

He started with a computer company in Hamilton on Thursday.  It's not the dream job but it provides us with what we NEED which is exactly what we and others have been praying for.  It will be so nice to get company benefits again ie. dental but we have to wait until after his probationary period is up.  It's early days but I think he'll like this job.

He is in the brain overload stage of a new job and in addition he is working on a ton of computer certifications.  They would like him to have four or five completed in  the next four months so after Isla is put to bed, he starts studying.  I would rather he did get them done as soon as possible in order to enjoy the summer evenings coming up in a few months but it may take a bit longer.  This job is proving to be a great learning experience.

He also recently recieved his PR card and now we can say the immigration process is DONE! YAY!   The next step is citizenship which we'll start in four years time.

It has been nice having home for the past two months.  Not only does it make up for the year we spent apart but we've had a load of snow and he's done plenty of shovelling and snowblowing.  I don't mind clearing the sidewalks etc. but the driveway is big and mom's snowblower has come in handy.   I'm not good with machinery.

As for myself, with Colin away at work, I finally feel like we are getting into a routine.  I'm starting to menu plan, something I never saw the need to do with just Isla and myself.  Although it's not difficult, I'm learning as I go and I love the idea so I don't have any more 5 o'clock "Oh no, what's for dinner?' moments.  I like being organized - long may it last!

Also with him out of the house I"m able to organize the house a bit better aka, my way! HA!  It takes time to figure out what works best for the family but it's coming together.  We've been switching out mom's curtains for our own and arranging pictures on the wall etc.  I think we'll do a bit more painting in the future but we'll leave as it is until we get ourselves more into a routine.

Who knows, maybe I'll do more blogging too!

We're just so thankful that our lives are finally starting again.  We felt that since we left NI almost three years ago we've been existing but not really living as there has been so much uncertainty with regards to visa's etc. I think it's safe to say that we're all looking forward to the summer and getting involved in activities and just being together as a family.  Colin would love to start playing bowls again (lawn bowling on this side of the Atlantic) and apparently Burlington as one of the better clubs in the province.  Another great reason we moved back to Waterdown!  He needs competition and sports in his life so maybe a bit of soccer too?  We'll have to see what's available.

I'm looking into getting Isla back in swimming lessons at the local YMCA and possibly getting a membership for myself to run off this 'stress weight' I've gained over the past few years...  Maybe for my birthday??? (hint, hint Colin)... :-)

On that note...  I'll post photos of the lady's 3rd birthday next week! YAY!

'Til next time,