"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to His purpose"

Romans 8:28

March 27, 2011



It kinda sounds like a Hawaiian word.

It's an Isla word.

Don't ask me (or her) what it means.  It could be used a noun, verb, adjective.  It doesn't matter.  Use it whenever you want too.

She started saying it about a month ago and it's been heard more frequently everday since.  She'll speak "Isla" when we're trying to have a conversation and then she'll say all this gobbli-gook with alot of 'kaiaboa's' mixed in. 

She loves to have the last word.  I wonder where she gets it from.



'Til next time,

March 23, 2011

Spring Snow

My 2nd blog post of the day!

Our spring storm is still adding to the already 2 feet of snow that fell this morning....

Looks like another 2.5 hour drive home for Colin today!

'Til next time,

Misc March Stuff

As I write this, a spring snow storm is blowing outside.  It's hard to watch, I'm so tired of snow but in light of what is happening in Japan and other countries around the world, it's nothing.  Besides, it'll probably be gone tomorrow.  At least Isla was excited to see it this morning and has plans to go make snow angels this afternoon after her nap.

Colin has started his new job. He works out of two locations which he wasn't counting on but so be it.  Despite the long commute it's a much better job than the first one.  Normally his drive is about 1 hr 10 mins. each way but the snow slowed even the hardiest Canadian drivers down this morning.  I think my longest commute was 3 hours when I lived in Waterdown and worked in Mississauga. 

Overall he's adjusting and learning new things everyday.  The current manager is retiring in June and he'll be taking over so he has the responsibility of picking this guys brain before he leaves and documenting it all.   A big task but I know he can do it!  Most employees have been with the company for 10 to 30+ years which is always a good sign.

Before he started his new job he had a couple of days off so we decided to take Isla to the Ontario Science Centre.  I wasn't sure if she would enjoy it but she did!

We could've left her at the water section in KidSpark all day...

We had a fun day.  We arrived at 10:30 and by 1:30 she was finished - too much excitement for one day I think!  That's OK, turned out she was free admission  - yay!

We're keeping busy at home while Colin works.  Now that we've inherited mom's house  (not in the legal sense of inheritence, just in the renting sense of the word) we have yard work to keep up.  We started in the flowerbeds last Saturday and I went to work yesterday as well.  Isla loves it because she gets to spend all afternoon outside. 

My girl and her trucks and tractors. 
I like to dress her in girly pink!  HA!

We have alot more yard work to do but it's a start and I enjoy it.  While I work and Isla plays, our neighbours keep an eye on us...

The neighbours...

The dog on top is Nanook aka Wolfie - Nanook is part Timber Wolf and something else (golden lab?) and he is HUGE.  This picture doesn't accurately portray his paws - bigger than big or at least the biggest 'dog' paws I've ever seen.  Isla calls the Siberian Husky laying down 'Wolfi's friend'. I'm not sure what her name is  (they moved in just before we did so haven't formally introduced ourselves yet).  They spend all day outside and don't seem to bothered by winter.  The best news is that they don't make a sound - I've NEVER heard either of them bark but they do have a little friend "Lucky' who more than makes for the two of them...

Anyways, this snowy weather is making me lazy and I think I better get going.

'Til next time,

March 8, 2011

My turn!

As I say, another year older, another year wiser, another year healthy and another year to be thankful!

It's bittersweet for me to think that in three short years, Colin is taking me to Tahiti for my 40th!  Yeah, right, in my dreams but I keep reminding him just in case we win the lottery in the meantime....

Do you like Colin's birthday annoucement for the neighbourhood?

It snowed again on Sunday (my birthday) so he was outside shovelling the driveway and sidewalks and found a bit of spare time to create this 'birthday cake'.  I didn't go out to see it until later that night because it was cold outside ... brrr... but my family came over in the evening for cake and coffee and kept talking about it so I had to go out and take a peek for myself... It was still cold btw...  What a sweet guy I have?!?  LOL

Anyways, it wouldn'be a birthday without cake, right?

Colin baked it and decorated it and Isla helped me blow out the candles as she is now a pro at it.  Excuse my spotty face - who would've thought that at my ripe old age they would still come to haunt me?!  grrr...

My little family I've be so blessed with! 

On another unrelated note, Colin has a new job, his #1 choice job!  His last day at Binatech is tomorrow, home for a few days and starts next Monday.   The part he is not looking forward to is getting up at 5:45 a.m. for the hour drive each way to make it for 7:30 (we're not morning people!) but he is very much looking forward to starting this new position. 

'Til next time,