"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to His purpose"

Romans 8:28

January 31, 2009

Another excuse.....

Dear Diary,

Time for my weekly excuse. It's becoming all to common the last few weeks but I promise myself to change that starting today!

Including this morning, I've been to the gym twice this week. It wasn't that I didn't feel like it I just couldn't.
I had some nasty headaches. I felt sick to my stomach and all I wanted to do was sleep however with an 11 month old, that's impossible during the day unless she's sleeping. I think it was caused by the fluctuation in barometric pressure.
So I didn't go at all and I was kinda good with my eating so I didn't gain weight again, just maintained.
The plan for the coming week is go at least 4 times first thing in the morning before Colin goes to work. I've cut down my cardio time to 30 mins. for the week and I'll bring up to 35 mins. the next week but I should still be able to get 2 hours in this week.
A little story from yesterday. The weather was summer-like again and I really wanted to take Isla for a walk but the stroller was in the van. Colin knew this and worked through his lunch in order to come home early and the three of us could go for a good 45 mins. walk on the paths behind the apartment and nearby shopping mall. It was so nice to get out but I was so stiff and sore. It was definitely obvious I had next to no physical exercise this week!!!
Just goes to show that what I've been doing so far is working my body. YAY!
Oh yes before I forget, I adjusted the ticker on the right as I promised I would if I didn't reach my goal this week.... My punishment, my shame.

'Til next time,

January 27, 2009

My three lovely girls!

Dear Diary,

Although she is tolerated by Pearl....

.... Isla's love for the cats is not reciprocated by Dixie.

Pearl, Isla & Dixie
Sorry for the dark fuzzy photos but they looked much better on the camera after I took them!!!!

'Til next time,

January 26, 2009

Stuck in a rut...

Dear Diary,

HELP! I'm struggling.

I knew it was too good to be true when the scale told me I was down an additional 4 lbs. last week. I must've weighed myself on a very empty, shrivelled up stomach and no blood coarsing through my veins. I haven't been able to get back to that weight since I posted about it.

But I'm not going to change my ticker on the right of the blog because I'm determined to reach 12 lbs. by the end of the week. If I don't reach my target, I'll change it to reflect my actual weight.

For the last three days I've been up and down on the scale between 167 and 169. There is no consistency. Why?

I think part of my answer to that question is because I've been a bad snacker last week and even up to yesterday. Today I am determined to put that bad habit behind me and kick things up a notch, AGAIN!

I tell ya, losing weight is hard work!

The treadmill is getting boring and I think I'll start some DVD's at home for a change periodically.

That's why I wanted to post today. If I blog about it, I feel accountable for my actions and don't want to publicly fail my mission and miss my goal in May. Blogging keeps me focused and it's also a pride issue but I think in this case, my pride is working to motivate me which is a good thing, right?

The good news is my jeans are fitting better. I may only have lost 10 lbs. but I can see the difference already. I worry I'll become complacent if I start to see progress.... Does that make sense?

Another good thing to come out of this mission is that Colin is starting to lift weights again. He did this before I knew him but has since "softened" up a bit. He felt compelled to regain his former physique since the FREE gym is on our doorstep. We really have no excuse for not using it. He's been in my corner encouraging me when I get down about my lack of progress but now that he's also started his own program and we can work together to reach our goals.

I'll try not to get bummed when he loses half a pound after chewing his breakfast. Seriously, that's what happened on Saturday.

'Til next time,

January 24, 2009

First Shoes for Isla

Dear Diary,

This afternoon the three of us ventured out to Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree.

Besides scoping out a new mall, one of the reasons I wanted to go was to look for Isla's first shoes. Thanks to Mia for suggesting Stride Rite, the shoes are perfect.

We picked out the Kitten style in size 3. Aren't they cute?

They're even cuter when on sale and using a 15% discount coupon!!!

Even though she isn't walking on her own yet, a girl is never too young for shoes!

BTW, loved the mall. Who's coming over to go shopping with me!?!?

'Til next time,

January 22, 2009

A family of lightweights?

Dear Diary,

I bought a bathroom scale this week. Not just an ordinary scale but the Biggest Loser scale and it was to come with the Biggest Loser DVD but it wasn't there. I'm writing a letter to get my DVD. Oh yeah, and it was on sale at Tar-get.
I bought it for a couple of reasons.
1. Since we are still not in a position to get a pediatrician for Isla and get her checked out, I wanted to weigh her.
2. Also, I'm not sure the scale I use at the gym has EVER been calibrated and therefore unsure of it's accuracy.
Despite my unfocused week, I managed to maintain my weight. Granted I did bump up the workouts and really watched my calories but this week, I've been a really good girl and the scale proves it. I'm down another 4 lbs. I'm not sure how I managed to shed those pounds but they're gone and never going back to my hips. Maybe it was water weight. My body is like a sponge.
It also helps that we have blessed with summer temps. This week and Isla and I have been enjoying the great weather with nice long (power) walks. In addition, I've been going to the gym in the evenings. I'm not being obsessive, I just want Isla to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air but at the same time I want to be sure I'm maximizing my work outs. I feel good!
On to Isla's weight. She was small when she was born at 5lbs. 4 ozs. and she continues that trend. I weighed her yesterday and she was 18 lbs. even. But she feels so heavy! I didn't expect that.
Some websites say many dr's don't take into consideration genetic makeup and just go on the average. I'm so thankful she takes after Colin. If she took after me she'd be 25 lbs!! Besides, big babies are not necessarily healthy babies.
However, I am a bit concerned since the average 11 month old is about 21 lbs. but Colin assures me she is healthy, eats well, sleeps well (most of the time) and is developing right on track.
She is 29.5 inches long which is right on.
I know I should be thankful she is healthy. She's probably off to a good start since so many kids (and adults) struggle with obesity. If she keeps this up, we won't have that problem in the future, I pray.

'Til next time,

January 18, 2009

Photos for Opa and Oma

Dear Diary,

Her Opa and Oma haven't seen her in about 3 months and she has sure changed alot during that time. These photos were taken this weekend.

'Til next time,

January 17, 2009

Isla is 11 months old!

Dear Diary,

Monkey is 11 months old today!!!

I can't believe next month she'll be 1 already. WOW!

The big discovery this past month has been GRAVITY. She throws her toys out of the pack'n'play and her crib and watches them fall to the ground. It's annoying for us because we have to pick them up but to her it's a game. After a while we stop giving her toys back and she knows the fun has stopped.

Napping has also been a BIG challenge. Lately, she is so tired but won't sleep during the day. I've started putting her to bed earlier in the morning by 10 and sometimes she sleeps (on Tuesday she slept 1.5 hours!) other days, nothing. This past week has been a huge improvement and she's napping at least an hour each day. She'll even sleep a half hour in the afternoon which makes getting to 7 p.m. a wee bit less stressful for both of us.

Very courageously she is walking around the furniture but there has been no signs of walking yet which suits me fine. I love to watch her crawl, she's so cute!

Another big change this month is her weight. She's heavy! She's not big or fat but she is one solidly built little girl. Trust me, she may be small but she will not blow over in the wind either! I really got to get her on the scales this month.

OK, this month the experts say we can expect the following:


Milestones this month*

Your baby now walks while holding onto furniture. ~ she cruises the little furniture we do have!

He uses the “pincer grasp” to pick up tiny objects between his thumb and forefinger. ~ no problem, she loves to feed herself but still allows us to feed her too so mealtime is not too messy.

Baby can stand alone.

He drinks from a cup while wearing a
baby bib. ~she's been doing this for a while but she hasn't figured out she can do it sitting up if she tilts her head back. Right now, she lies down.

Baby says “mama” and dada.” ~ dada ALL THE TIME although occasionally we hear "ma" .. it's progress!

He says a few other one-syllable words (like “hi”). ~ she does try to repeat what we say to her like "hi" ~ she can say "uh-oh" but she's a big grunter!

Baby communicates his wants with gestures and words instead of cries. ~ she makes a smacking noise with her lips when she's hungry or watching us eat!

He talks in conversational gibberish. ~ she's chatty especially as she looks outside or sees the cats!


She's at such a cute age! She is so much fun and she is such a happy, healthy girl. We are truly blessed with her!

I think in the coming month she'll be standing by herself but probably not walking yet. I'm sure she'll surprise us with something new we didn't expect, she always does!

'Til next time,

January 14, 2009


Dear Diary,

This has not been a good week for me at all. Eating and exercising that is.
I just can't seem to focus. I've been snacking and I've been at the gym only once. I had a plan but for one reason or another, it hasn't happened.
I forgot to buy something at Target today so I think Isla will power walk our way on over tomorrow (although snow is forecasted) and I asked Colin to be home by 6 so I could attend an aquafit class at 6:30.
This week is only about intentions. Not much else. I think I'll avoid the scales.
I'm disappointed in myself. Someone kick me.

'Til next time,

January 12, 2009

FREE Dunkin' Donuts Sample

Dear Diary,

Dunkin' Donuts is giving out free samples here....

(click on the image)

Dunkin' Donuts. Dunkin' keeps me blogging. Try Dunkin' Donuts Coffee For Free. Get a Sample

... and all the Canadians laugh.....

Yes, I know Tim Horton's is far better but I'm making do and managing to survive without a Canadian Maple donut and medium coffee with milk....

If I'm lucky, in July....

'Til next time,

January 11, 2009

FREE Shutterfly Calendar

Dear Diary,

Order by tomorrow, JANUARY 12, 2009 to get your FREE custom 2009 calendar. You can start your calendar with the month of your choosing.
The catch, you still have to pay shipping and handling but if your order is over $50.00 then it's free.
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The code to be entered at checkout is CALENDAR12. This deal only applies to the 12 month calendar up to a value of $19.99.
The offer is not limited to the USA so if you are in Canada, Australia or the UK, go take a look!

'Til next time,

January 10, 2009

And the scale says...

Dear Diary,


Woohoo, I lost another 3 lbs this week. That leaves me another 34 lbs. to go to reach my goal weight.....

Getting there, slowly but surely....

'Til next time,

January 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday ~ Precious Words

Dear Diary,

Today it's Thankful Thursday with Iris from Grace Alone. Go ahead visit her blog to see what she and others are thankful for.
Like Iris, I am thankful for His Word. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Colin and I this year are reading the Bible cover to cover and I have already found many verses that I have taken to heart and can apply to my life.
Ps. 4:4 "In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds search your hearts and be silent".
Words of comfort.
Ps. 5:12 "For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous; you surrounds them with your favour as with a shield".
Words of admonition.
Matt 4:17 "From that time on Jesus began to preach, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near".
Also as I read everday, I am struck by the great comfort and love that He shows to those who remain faithful to Him. I'm thinking of Noah, Abraham and Job in particular. He has done that for Colin, Isla and I also throughout 2008 and even the first week of 2009.
I am so very thankful that He has provided Colin with a raise in wages. Colin was hesitant to ask his boss but our patience was rewarded. We prayed that our financial situation would be lessened in 2009 and our prayers were answered!
Philipp 4: 6-7 "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus".

'Til next time,

January 7, 2009

I've been tagged - You're it!

Dear Diary,

Well, this is my first ever "meme", 7 things you don't know about me. Thanks Mia for "tagging" me!

I admit it took a long time to come up with seven things because I'm a rather boring person but I managed to come up with the following 7 things:


1. Like Mia, I share my birthday with a celebrity, Ed McMahon. The old guy who now goes knocking on doors giving away money for Publishers Clearing House. I wish he would start knocking on my door!

2. My favourite flower is a tulip, and no, it has nothing to do with the dutch blood flowing through my veins.

3. When I was a kid, my brothers used to use me as a human football. The dent in the wall in the basement bedroom at mom and dads is the outline of my head. Don’t worry, I was OK, it was just soft dry wall!

4. I have visited at least 12 different countries in my lifetime and lived in 3 different countries. Please no more!

5. My first car was a 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier, gray, 4 door, automatic. Granny mobile!
6. My favourite gift EVER, was Kimberley Dawn, my Cabbage Patch kid. I still have her but sadly she is a victim of our “situation” and is in a box in Mom and Dad’s basement. Normally she would be sitting in a child’s rocking chair in the corner of my room (yes, I know I’m old but I still like my doll!).

7. I despised cold school buses and still hate cold cars on a winter morning. That is the worst!

Ok, I'm going to tag a few bloggers but first you need to know the rules of this meme. They are:

1. You link back to the person who tagged you (me). My tagger was Mia @ General Hysteria, a great mom of three beautiful kids.

2. You get to “tag” 7 people (or less if you’d like) and link them on your blog, as I'm going to do further down.

3. Be sure to comment on the blogs of others who were tagged.

4. I think it would be a good idea to let them know they've been tagged.


Right, so who are my "taggees" ~ I'm going to pick on a few of my rellies but a few others as well, and I'm only choosing five bloggers. And the winners are:

Dean & Natalie at Cooinda Brunswick

Bruce & Sarah at BSK

Gregg & Laura

Amanda Jo at A Special Blend

Christin at Journey to a Gracious Woman

Go on, have a little fun!

'Til next time,

January 5, 2009

Free Wall Canvas - Help me win!

Dear Diary,

We have booked a photographer for Isla's first birthday photo in February as well as our first family photo! I know, it's shameful.
Anyways, if someone else books with Andrea of Precious Poses this month for a January photo session, I have a chance to win a free wall canvas. Oh and make sure you tell her I referred you!
Andrea's website is at and her home studio is located in Parker. She is a mom of two boys and when I spoke to her this morning on the phone seemed like a really nice, friendly person.

'Til next time,

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Dear Diary,
Happy 46th Wedding Anniversary!

From Colin, Isla & I, we pray you have many more happy years together!

God bless!

'Til next time,

This Weeks Plan

Dear Diary,

In terms of my fitness routine, last week went well.
By Thursday I was exhausted and decided to start the year with a day off but it was well deserved, I was either at the gym or at the pool everyday before then. The other exception was Friday. I was going to go to another aquafit class but I woke up 5 minutes after the class started so I did my regular cardio workout at the gym instead.
Weight loss to date, 5 lbs. and 37 lbs. to reach my goal weight.
My plan this week is already off to a rocky start. I was going to go to the gym this morning with Isla but the stroller is in the van but the van is in Denver with Colin.

Monday - cardio
Tuesday - weights
Wednesday - aquafit class
Thursday - day off
Friday - cardio
Saturday - weights and swimming with Isla

'Til next time,

January 4, 2009

A slight change to my "hefty" plans

Dear Diary,

I've been doing some research into my ideal body weight in relation to my height and bone structure. The experts say I should be 130 lbs. To be honest, I don't think that is a weight I can maintain, so I have decided on a more reasonable 135 lbs. ~ 5 lbs. less my original plan of 140 lbs. .

To date I have lost 5 lbs. so really it's like starting all over again and I'm back trying to lose 37 lbs. rather than 42! Wow, that's a lot weight, eh!

I'll keep on posting about my battle with the bulge and I frequently update my weight loss ticker on the bottom right column. Please keep praying I stay motivated and see this challenge to the end.

'Til next time,

January 3, 2009

Lil' Swimmer

Dear Diary,

Isla has completed her first swim lesson today!

Her first swimsuit!

She has never been in a swimming pool so we were a bit uncertain how she would react. Well, we couldn't have expected a better response. She swam like a pro!
Colin brought her in the kiddie pool and she looked at me as if to say "Mom, why are you making such a fuss, I've done this my whole life!". Too cute! She was so confident in herself. Even the instructor was surprised to hear she had never been in a pool before.
We were also taken back how remarkably buoyant she was in the water. She hardly touched us and was floating on her own. She was able to kick her feet and splash her hands and wasn't afraid to get her face and hair wet (she didn't go under water). Since she had such a good time we will definitely be bringing her back for family swim time once her "lessons" are over in February. Colin and I had a good time too and it keeps in line with our desire to spend more family time doing things we enjoy together.
We are so proud of our little guppy!

'Til next time,

January 1, 2009

Our new lifestyle ~ 2009

Dear Diary,

I was reading my 2nd post from yesterday and realized how depressing it was. Yikes!
2008 was a hard, stressful, emotional year hence the very negative post. It wasn't our best year and we do not intend to carry forward the negative momentum into 2009. We are looking forward to 2009 and intend to have a positive attitude as we face it on.
Just to let you know, no resolutions this year, only lifestyle changes. What is the difference? Resolutions are broken by January 21 and the changes we intend to make our meant to last a lifetime. They will become part of our everyday life and so ingrained in our routine we don't think twice about them. Kind of like making coffee in the morning, we need to do them!
First, we intend to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and everything in between in 2009. Our pastor has challenged the congregation to read the Bible everyday and even provided special Bibles (for a small fee of $2.50) that breakdown the chapters to be read for each day of the year. This could lead to repetition out of obligation but it is something I have always wanted to do anyways, so why not?
Second, I will continue my 37 lbs. weight loss challenge. It will be somewhat of a diet as I watch my calorie intake until I hit my target weight, hopefully by May 22, but the healthy eating and exercise aspect of it is something I intend to keep going throughout the year and beyond.
Third, this one ties into #2 a bit, spend more family time. Isla loves going for walks so I am always on the look out for places to visit, where we can be active, for free preferrably, and that we can go together. It's getting easier as she gets older and I want the active lifestyle to rub off on her. Family time can mean playing games, going out, dinner, etc. just about anything we can do together as a family.
Fourth, Colin and I have picked biblical passages in which to focus on this year. I have picked mine, I don't think he picked his yet. The reason I want to do this is because we all have all weaknesses that we have to work on everyday. The particular weakness I like to focus on is trying to take control of my life and not rely on God enough to take control and lead us where He wants us to go. I love to plan life out and I don't like it when my plans are broken. It's funny though, at this point in our lives, we can't even plan 6 months ahead and I'm OK with it. I have chosen Ps. 27:14 ~
Rely on the Lord!
Be strong and confident!
Rely on the Lord! (NET)
It's so hard to just let go. I pray everyday that I can do it and to surrender myself to Him but I struggle with it so if I say this verse to myself everyday, I am confident I will let go. It's already easier for me but I am a work in progress.
So there you have it. These are my lifestyle changes 2009!
Please pray for us during 2009 and that we do as He intends. We don't know what He has planned for us but please pray the Holy Spirit works in our hearts to grow in faith and become strong and confident in Him.
We also pray that all of you have a blessed 2009 full of good health and happiness!

'Til next time,